How to amplify a weak cellular Internet signal

Do you want to solve the problem of lack of Internet in your dacha or private home? Because of poor communication in the office, the work goes through a stump deck? The provider asked for a cosmic sum for a paltry ten megabits per second? A familiar situation? But solvable! Below is detailed information on how to strengthen a weak cellular Internet signal and see a stable 4G LTE in your phone, instead of a dull “E”.
All mobile operators sin by exaggerating the coverage area of their networks. On the map you can see a stable green zone covered by 4G signal, but in practice we can often see the opposite picture. Buying a dacha in the Moscow region or a house in the village, we get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a slow Internet signal or its complete absence.

The deterioration of the signal is also affected:

  • Covering the facade of a building with shielding materials, such as metal siding;
  • Location of the access point in the basement;
  • The location of the building in the vicinity of power lines that create various leads;
  • Dense development of the district with high-rise buildings;
  • Difficult terrain;
  • Large distance from the base station of the mobile operator.

All these nuances can greatly affect the quality of reception of the Internet signal from mobile providers.

Weak Internet signal: What to do

Sometimes the problem of slow Internet in the country or in the village is solved by replacing one operator with another. But what if whatever SIM card you put in your phone is faster than the weak “E” and sometimes H+ you don’t see on the screen? In this case, it is not necessary to talk about confident distribution of the Internet to computers. Neither fast demanding games, nor watching online TV series without brakes, and even more so the jump of Torrens will be unavailable to you.

The way out of this situation is very simple – install an Internet signal amplifier for cellular communication at your dacha, private home or office. The result is guaranteed!

Equipment for LTE signal amplification

But from all of the above, the question arises – how to choose a mobile phone amplifier? Which device should I choose to get stable 4G LTE? What mobile signal amplifiers are available on the market – more on this below.


USB modem

The cheapest devices in the line of Internet signal receivers. In fact, the USB modem itself does not amplify the signal and often its receiver is much weaker in power than directly in the smartphone. It is convenient because it is embedded with a SIM card and it is able to receive a stable 3G/4G mobile Internet signal. The cost of such a device is from 400 to 2500 rubles.


USB modem with remote outdoor antenna

Essentially the same USB modem, but reinforced with a street antenna. In fact, you can assemble the antenna yourself, since there are a lot of instructions in the network, or buy it in a Chinese store (200-1000 rubles). The effect of it is-if you are in line of sight of the cell tower, or the speed drop is insignificant. The effect is ambiguous and depends on many factors.

Active antenna for the Internet signal

The following devices are already capable of amplifying the cellular signal. They have a more significant effect.

Repeater to strengthen signal of mobile Internet

The repeater is designed to improve the weak 3G / 4G signal of cellular communications and is a device that receives a radio signal from the base station of the mobile operator and amplifies it sends it to the subscriber device. The repeater also receives a signal from the mobile device and sends it back to the base station. The repeater consists of two antennas. The first receives a signal from the mobile operator’s tower, and the second is directed towards mobile devices.

The cost of such a device starts from 8 thousand rubles. In addition to the relatively high cost, the disadvantages of the repeater include the complexity of installation and configuration. It is better to entrust the configuration of the mobile signal repeater amplifier to a specialist, otherwise you may lose a significant percentage of the received traffic.

Satellite dish for Internet reception

A satellite dish is a complex device consisting of a parabolic antenna (dish) and a receiving device. In fact, using a satellite dish, you can get a high connection speed (up to 100 MB / sec). The only thing is that the price of the device bites – it starts from 8000 rubles. Also, satellite Internet providers have very high rates. The basic tariff with a connection speed of 5-10 MB / sec, a 30GB package and a night unlimited limit can start from 3000 rubles. In addition, to install a parabolic antenna and configure satellite Internet, you need knowledge, or an invited specialist.

4G Internet signal amplifiers for cottages and homes from YS-SYSTEM

An excellent solution for strengthening the Internet signal of cellular communication at your dacha, in a private home, office, shopping center and wherever you need a stable and fast access to the global network – is to buy an Internet amplifier, STREET series from the company Ys-System (internet signal amplifiers).

The external antenna-amplifier receives even a weak radio signal from the base station of the mobile operator and amplifies it more than 100 times – due to the antenna elements. At the output, you get a stable 4G LTE connection, and the use of MIMO technology in the device significantly increases the bandwidth of the channel. As a result, you have a powerful Internet access point that can distribute it to all home and work mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Torrents, online games, and favorite movies will no longer be an unattainable dream. Even beyond the MKAD, in a remote village or in the deepest basement, mobile Internet will be fast.

Ys-SYSTEM external antennas, made in a waterproof, all-weather case, will serve you faithfully for many years. A SIM card embedded in the case will allow you to change mobile operators at will, in a matter of seconds.

Self-installation and configuration, also not a question. Any person without special knowledge can set up the device. Detailed instructions included in the kit will help you close all questions, and in case of any unclear moments, you can always call us and get professional advice.

Dozens of positive reviews from satisfied customers and dozens of reviews from video bloggers say a lot about the quality of our products. To strengthen the weak Internet in the country is no longer a problem.

Our models of Internet signal amplifiers:

Street II: The basic device in our line of mobile Internet amplifiers. The device allows you to establish a secure connection to the data networks of mobile operators in locations with unstable or weak signal, located at a distance of up to 10 kilometers from the base station (tower) of the operator.

Street II Pro: Ready-made mobile Wifi access point with Internet distribution. This is the most popular and advanced model in the line of our 3G/4G amplifiers. Built-in Wifi module distributes Internet to any gadgets. Thanks to its high signal gain, Street II Pro will help you connect to high-speed Internet and establish a secure connection to the mobile Internet at a distance of up to 15 km from the base station of any mobile operator, as well as perfectly cope with the task of connecting to the 3G/4G network in places where signal reception using conventional 3G or LTE devices is difficult or impossible.

Street Ultra Pro: This is the most powerful model among the Internet Amplifiers produced by YS System. Using this device, you can connect to 3G and LTE data networks even in places where the signal on your phone or USB modem is extremely weak or completely absent. The device is ideal for conducting wireless Internet to a private home in the Moscow region and other remote areas of Russia that are located in the zone of weak signal reception by mobile operators. The unsurpassed characteristics of the antenna unit allow you to connect to the base station of operators at a distance of up to 25 km.

When choosing a device to speed up the mobile Internet, you should know that it is better to buy a reliable amplifier that has been tested by hundreds of users than to go through different types of devices, spending your time and effort on them.

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