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What is the difference between the Street II and Street II Pro models?
The base model-Street II – has a 10-meter USB cable that cannot be extended. Accordingly, you need to connect a router that has a USB port and can see 3G/LTE modems. The second model – Street II Pro-has a standard LAN interface and the connection cable can be up to 120 meters long. In addition, Street II Pro can distribute a Wi-Fi signal. Both models are identical in terms of amplification and connection distance.
What size SIM card can I use on my devices?
The SIM slots of our amplifiers are designed for a Mini-SIM SIM card (a “large” 25x15mm SIM card). You can use SIM cards of other sizes if you have an adapter.
What routers is the Street II compatible with?
To work together, we recommend using ZyXEL Keenetic routers that have a USB connector (including 4G and Omni models). You can use routers TP-Link TL-MR 3020, TL-WR842N; Asus RT-N10U; UPVEL UR-354AN4G, UR-344AN4G, UR-313N4G. It is also possible to work with any routers equipped with USB ports with OpenWRT firmware.
The amplifier is connected to the computer, but there is no access to page
If the SIM card is installed incorrectly, the device turns on the so-called” security mode”, in which it does not respond to the assigned IP address. To localize the problem, try turning off the power, getting the SIM card, and then turning on the device. If the device menu becomes available, it means that you initially installed the SIM card incorrectly.
The device’s start menu displays “no signal” and there is no Internet connection
The most common reason for this status is an inactive SIM card. Check your personal account balance and service activity. This status can also be displayed if the SIM card or the signal amplifier itself is damaged or fails.
The computer cannot connect to the signal booster over a local network
The first thing to check is whether automatic IP address acquisition is enabled on your network card. Then check that the cable used to connect the amplifier to the PoE power supply is working properly. The cable must be compressed according to the “patch cord” scheme (the same on both sides), while all 8 wires must be involved. Also check that the power supply cables are connected correctly.
The amplifier does not connect to the Internet after paying for services according to the tariff
If you had a break in providing Internet services or your personal account was blocked, then after resuming the service, you need to restart the signal booster (Settings – > System -> Restart).
In the menu of the amplifier, the inscription “No SIM card” appeared, although the SIM card is installed in the slot
Turn off the power to the device, Unscrew the cap of the SIM slot, and remove the SIM card. Check for damage to the card itself, its adapters, and oxidation of contacts, then replace it and turn on the amplifier.
Can signal amplifiers be used to amplify mobile voice communications?
YS System Internet signal amplifiers are designed only to amplify the mobile Internet signal in the 3G and LTE bands and do not have any effect on the voice range of mobile communications.
Will your amps work in my region or country?
The devices will work with all operators broadcasting in the 3G bands at 900 and 2100 Mhz, as well as in the LTE band at 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 Mhz.
Do signal amplifiers produce any radiation? How safe is it to install them near your place of residence?
The devices belong to the class of ordinary household devices, are certified for electromagnetic compatibility and safety of low-voltage equipment, and are not dangerous to health or the environment.
I want to buy an amplifier, but I’m not sure it will work. Can I get it back if I can’t amplify the signal?
You can return the device within 7 days after purchase. More information about refunds can be found here.
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