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Is there a weak Internet signal at your dacha? Does not catch the Internet modem? Do you want to see the 4G icon on your smartphone screen, but there is nothing but a dull “E”? The solution to your problem is simple. Buy a 2G/3G/4g Internet amplifier antenna and forget what a slow connection is. We are direct manufacturers of antennas for mobile Internet amplification.

The Street II amplifier antenna is the base device in our line of mobile Internet amplifiers. The device allows you to establish a secure connection to the data networks of mobile operators, in locations with unstable or weak signal, located at a distance of up to 10 kilometers from the base station (tower) of the operator.

The Street II Internet signal booster provides a reliable connection to wireless Internet networks in the GPRS, 3G and LTE (4G) bands. High data transfer speed (up to 150 Mbit/s).) and the ease of installation and configuration of the device makes it a reliable and inexpensive alternative in places where it is not possible to get a stable Internet connection at an acceptable speed.



The Street II Internet signal amplifier is ideally suited for connecting to the Internet in suburban and country houses, detached buildings, basements and semi-basements, office and business centers, small business or construction sites. Fast installation and no need for additional network devices (Internet modem, 4G router, 4g antenna) LTE amplifiers will allow you to get a full Internet connection at the highest possible speed in the shortest possible time.


The Street II amplifier significantly expands the signal reception area from the mobile Internet operator’s base station. With this amplifier, you can connect to the mobile Internet in places where the power of standard equipment-smartphones, portable routers, 3G USB modems-is not enough to ensure a secure connection.

The amplifier is connected to a computer or router via a USB cable (included in the package). The cable length is 10 meters, which in most cases allows you to choose a convenient place to install the device.

A high-gain directional antenna built into the device’s body makes it possible to receive and transmit Internet packets at the highest possible speed for your location. The device is Autonomous and self-sufficient. to connect, you only need a standard SIM card of any Telecom operator that broadcasts in the GPRS/3G/LTE bands. The SIM card slot located on the amplifier body makes it easy to install or replace them without having to disassemble or disassemble the device.

The all-weather “outdoor” design of the amplifier case will allow you to move the connection point to any place outside the room and find the place where the signal reception will be optimal to ensure the highest data transfer speed.


  • Works with SIM cards of any operators in 2G/3G/4G/Lte standards (MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, Yota, Tele2, etc.)
  • It does not require professional skills to configure and install.
  • Connecting to the base station (tower) of any operator at a distance of up to 10 km.
  • A 10-meter USB cable (included) connects to the USB 2.0 connector of a desktop computer, Wi-Fi router, or laptop.
  • Sealed, frost-resistant and UV-resistant housing: operating temperature range from -30 to +40°C.
  • Production in Russia, 1 year warranty, post-warranty service.


  • Диапазон частот, МГц : 1700 — 2700 MHz
  • Усиление : 12,5 — 16 dBi
  • Поддержка стандарта связи : 2G/3G/4G/Lte
  • Поддерживаемые скорости : 150/50 Mbit/s
  • Радиоинтерфейс (Wi-Fi) :
  • Поддержка MIMO : да
  • Материал корпуса : Polycarbonate + ABS
  • Размер (Д х Ш х В) : 25 x 25 x 9 sm
  • Поляризация : vertical / horizontal
  • Тип антенны : directed
  • Тип крепления : mast diameter 20 — 52 mm
  • Поддерживаемые ОС : Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Диапазон рабочих температур : from -30° to +40°C

Reliable and high-speed Internet for your country house

The Internet anywhere

With the Street II Internet signal booster, you can establish an Internet connection even where your mobile phone will not register on the network. The maximum distance from the operator’s BS is up to 10 km.

Working with any mobile operator

Conveniently located on the device’s case, the SIM slot allows you to install or replace a SIM card of any operator operating in the 3G and LTE bands in a matter of minutes

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